The Daily Routine

In our house in La Union, we always pray around 3 pm. So I want to share what we pray everyday since today is the month of the Holy Rosary. Click the link. divine-mercy-chaplet Then after we pray the Chaplet of Divine  Mercy we proceed with the Holy Rosary. You can visit this site :   Thanks to : Click to access Divine-Mercy-Chaplet.pdf   Let’s pray everyday. Continue reading The Daily Routine

October 9,2016

I went home in our province because my grandma is sick as well as my aunt. I stayed faithfully in the house since it’s raining all day.  It’s a normal setting just like when I was still studying way back in high school or college. It’s far from what I am experiencing in Manila. In Taboc, the only thing you can hear is the loud voice of my nephew,  vehicles passing by the high way, the tweet of the birds, and so on…. So here’s what I want to share, you know the feeling when someone is sick and you want to … Continue reading October 9,2016


It was October 11,2010 around 10 to 11 pm when my mom died due to stroke. And yesterday it’s her 6th year death anniversary. It hurts. It hurts so bad. If only I could turn back the clock mama. Hay. : ( I wish I could take back every pain and worry that I ever gave you. Just like what I said in my IG post, I wish that I could undo situations in my life. But I know you and papa is always guiding us. I miss you Mama. Regards to Lolo and Papa there in heaven. May the … Continue reading I MISS YOU MOM